Gary Campbell, Managing Director
  • Mr. Campbell currently identifies, develops and/finances paradigm shifting technologies through Cytta Corp., where he currently serves as both CEO and Chairman.
  • Cytta's technologies include the SUPR Compression ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) technology, the IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) incident command system(ICS) and the related self-healing Mesh Network technology, The Company also developed and implemented the EvrCare remote medical monitoring technology.
  • Mr. Campbell was formerly  CEO of Rocketinfo which developed instant digital news delivery technology (
  • Previously as CEO of ScreenPhone/ScreenMD he partnered with Samsung to develop software and reprogrammed Samsung’s Anyweb internet appliance to become the world’s first web based remote medical monitoring system.
  • While with Telemac (Rental Accounting) Corp. (TRAC), they reprogrammed cellphone chipsets to create prepaid and rental mobile phones.  This MVNO technology was licensed to the current TRACfone prepaid mobile telephone company.  Mr. Campbell founded CanCall Cellular to introduce the Telemac technology to the cellular rental market.  Cancall became the largest US national provider of cellular rental services, and AT&T’s exclusive national cellular rental administrator.
  • Prior to receiving his dual US/CDN Citizenship, Mr. Campbell was the Senior Partner of Vancouver Canada based Holmes, Campbell and Greenslade, an innovative securities law firm, which created the Industrial (Technology) Board on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE).
  • In addition to cross border capital market legal services, Mr. Campbell’s investment entities personally sourced, reviewed, evaluated, financed and listed numerous US technology companies on the VSE. Prominent among them is International Verifact the inventor of today’s ubiquitous electronic credit card reader verification terminal.
  • Mr. Campbell serves as the managing director of the GMC Family Office  his family’s multi-generational investment arm, which controls the Unified Financial Group. Through these entities Mr. Campbell, his family office and his associates, have personally developed, financed and or listed numerous technology companies on both US and Canadian Exchanges over the last 30 years.  
  • Mr. Campbell has degrees in both Commerce and Law from the University of BC, with minors in both mathematics and brain function and physiology.

Stuart Brame, Co-Managing Director

  • Mr. Brame has 40 years of domestic and International marketing and managerial experience and has worked extensively in the areas of corporate development and financial structuring.
  • Mr. Brame has developed a worldwide network that will assist in the long-term positioning and business development of companies involved with Unified Financial Inc.
  • Founder and President of Harvard Scientific a US public traded company taking two products for treating psoriasis and erectile disfunction through the different levels of certification with Pyramid Labs in California.
  • President of White Raven Financial Services responsible for funding First Nations’ (indigenous peoples) projects such as internet broadband, wind farms, medical cannabis, and President White Raven Marine Services responsible for overhauling and repair of ships and marine vessels.
    President of Bio/Design Inc. a diagnostic company with offices in Canada and Japan with the first diagnostic test for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, which is a neurodegenerative disease of cattle.
  • Senior officer of MachLink Corporation a wireless communication supplier in Edmonton, Alberta establishing wireless internet that has developed a turnkey, 700 MHz wireless broadband solution for the under serviced rural Internet user including rural oil and gas companies.
  • Founder and President of IGEN Networks Inc. a US and CSE public company developing broadband solutions in the US and Canada. The Company was acquired from Mr. Brame in 2014.
  • Mr. Brame is currently Chairman of the Board for First Nations Educational Foundation (; A Consultant to Kaiana Co-operative and Blackfeet Nation Health products; And head of International marketing and sales for Vocare Inc.  developer of the world’s first technologically advanced multi-diagnostic medical device currently receiving final FDA approval.
  • During his formative years Mr. Brame worked for the Canadian Gov’t Oceanic Research Inland Waters Branch, as Captain of multiple Marine Research ships out of Burlington, Ont.
  • Prior to this, Mr. Brame was a weapons technician with the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) and was the child of a military family, raised on Canadian Airforce bases worldwide.

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