What US Companies need to know about listing in Canada on the CSE

What is the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)?

  • The Canadian Securities Exchange or CSE is a relatively newly formed, recognized stock exchange specifically designed to meet the needs of very early stage (by US standards) small cap companies and their investors.
  • The CSE provides a low-cost listing regime notable for its streamlined approach to regulation. It employs an advanced trading system that focuses liquidity in a single electronic order book that ensures client priority while enabling participating brokerage firms to act as market makers.
  • The CSE is recognized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a "Designated Offshore Securities Market' for the purposes of Regulation S.

Why should a US Company list on the CSE?

  • CSE listed companies get the benefit of the lowest cost to access public capital to grow their businesses.
  • The CSE employs an enhanced disclosure philosophy that extends from the transparency of the trading system through the disclosure by listed companies to the comprehensive investor information displayed on the CSE website.
  • This disclosure system is simple and far easier to utilize than the other Canadian Exchange’s (the TSX-V on the TSE) listing and trading structure.
  • The CSE is infinitely superior to the OTC Markets structure in the US for early stage companies, and allows for co-listing on the OTC QB or QX after CSE listing.

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